Abigail Williams
For my AP Lit class we are memorizing lines and I have the “pleasure” of playing Abigail. I have the gist of the lines but I dont know if I can remember everything and keep a straight face. So yeah.. here is Abigail Williams.
Abigail if from The CrucibleArt by meCPaz
I was requested by aromanticmadoka to draw on of their oc’s. They have the cutest oc’s and I chose Salvador because he has a wonderful colourscheme! Salvador does not belong to meArt by Me
BipperWhile working on art requests I kinda drew Bipper. Look at me jumping on this GF wagon.. Anyway I love Bill cipher and he was great is sock opera so yes!Dipper and Bill Cipher belong to Gravity Falls
Fili and the flower crowns
Calicoskatts requested Fili for the art giveaway and I was happy to oblige! Fili definitely needs more love because he is precious! Anyway here is Fili making flower crowns for him and Kili since they are prince under the mountain. Fili is from the hobbit
We did it! We finally got 100 buddies! Since we hit our first mile stone I will be doing an art giveaway!! :D I will make a separate post about it with details and such so look for that! Thank you all so very much!!!!CPaz
Woe is me for I’m no tree
HEY I’m still alive! Sorry I haven’t been posting! I have been wearing an wrist brace so its been hard to draw and write. I took it off to draw this.. Shh don’t tell anyone! Anyway someone requested A sad Ent and I had too much fun with it. Hope everyone likes it!Ent if from LOTR and belongs to JRR TolkienArt by MeCPaz
The Hobbit BOFAHaven’t posted in a while…. Sorry!Here is a picture that took me about 4 days to finish oh my goodness.The hobbit belongs to JRR Tolkien. The greatest man everArt by meCPaz
KeldeoSorry I haven’t posted in a while! Here is Keldeo in both its forms. I am not the best at horses/ponies or Pokemon so if you want to hate on it go right ahead! my inbox is always open. Anyway I wanna say welcome to some new followers and yea. Keldeo belongs to PokemonArt by meCPaz
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